Friday, January 27, 2006

(sing it) Memories...

Ah yes, remember when I used to have a memory?

We worked on the 31 step jo kata this morning. I still don't have all
of it committed to memory, but I'm getting there.

One thing I also need to work on is efficiency of movement. Jory said I
tend to make larger movements than necessary. Distancing is also an
ongoing challenge. Working with Josh was fun.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Old Fart's Disease

A nice "easy" class last night, so why the hell am I so sore?!? We
spent a long time on 1 technique, ryotetori tenchinage, and I guess
after rolling for so many iterations, I just got kind of worn out. I
was hoping that my recent return to running (2 whole times, woohoo!)
would pay off a little, and I think it maybe did, but the blister on my
toe (from running) was a bit of a bother, even though I taped it up.

The video project is getting moving, I think. Sensei is supposedly
going to deliver a DVD to Mike.

Tomorrow AM is jo class, the 31 step kata, which I have forgotten!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Getting Started?

This weekend we did another video taping, the Saturday AM class. Matt
was doing the camera work, so I got to practice, but later the horrific
thought occurred to me that I may appear in the video. Taking stock of
the situation was enough to get me out running yesterday, because
frankly, my conditioning sucks! This month marks my first year back as
an aikido student after many years. I have made some progress with my
technique, but I have also faced the harsh reality of being 41 years old
and getting way too little exercise in general. There was also the ego
to deal with (there is always the ego to deal with). There are too many
facets of dealing with the ego to mention here--it's a book in itself, a
tragic/comedy/horror flick. Once I asked myself what the greatest
attainment from martial arts practice is. My answer is: self
acceptance. By this measure I have a ways to go.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Begins

I haven't been writing much, as I have been busy with other exciting
things, but I am still practicing fortunately. I made it to class this
AM, and I was awake early enough to put my contacts in, so I didn't have
to workout with glasses, or worse yet, without clear vision. It was a
good workout for me. I felt "on my game" until... suwari waza!
(techniques from kneeling position) The problem with suwari waza is
that it's just plain difficult to move on your knees! As I get tired, I
start to get lazy with my movement and I end up out of position or off
balance. So a lot of my development also has to do with physical
conditioning. One thing I have worked on is maintaining awareness
during all parts of a technique. I have noticed that the mind goes in
and out of perceptive mode. Even during a single technique, I may be
paying attention during the first second, but then my mind takes a split
second to wander ("I wonder what I'll have for dinner?"). As you can
imagine, this is not ideal when taking a fall. You can think of the
infinite levels of perceptiveness, from the most basic movements such as
which foot is forward, to the most refined exact positioning and
balance. You begin to be able to control movement when you become aware
of the finest details, and until you are aware at this level, you cannot
conciously control it.

Sensei has officially been promoted to 6th dan! This is a major big
deal. It is a great privilege to train here.