Friday, May 26, 2006

More Morning Bokken

I had a difficult time making it to class this AM, but I managed to show up and not seem any more goofy than usual (not saying much).

We continued work with bokken (wooden sword) and did some "freestyle" ju waza.

I think I need to catch up on sleep this weekend!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Bokken Work

Back to work with bokken (wooden sword) this AM. Long time no post to
this blog.. oh well. Tom was visiting from MA.

I'm thinking it might be fun for A&C to practice with me on some of these.

Tired.. zzz.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Seminar w/Yamada and O'Connor

This weekend was more fun than I remember having at last year's seminar,
though I also don't recall being quite this sore. It was probably all
the koshinage's. One of the most amazing things is working with people
whose technique is way out of my league. I remember working with one
guy from out of town (Joisey or NY, can't remember), and I was just
blown away by how accurate he was. It was as if in a real situation, I
would have been on the ground and completely unhurt without an idea of
how I got there.

One low point, however, was when I accidentally poked someone in the eye
with my little finger. There's no worse feeling than causing another's
injury due to my ineptitude. It was horrific. I sure hope the guy is OK.

Now I believe every single muscle I have is sore, though it seems my
legs are the worst off for some reason. My lower back isn't doing so
well either, but I'm at least able to move. We'll see if I'm ready to
workout again anytime this week.