Monday, July 21, 2008

Still Hitting the Morning Mat

The mat is always a little bit harder in the morning. The payoff, however, is that I always feel pretty good after class, even if it wasn't that hard a workout.

So, 11AM on Monday, I'm doing well, after barely dragging my ass out of bed in time. The debate goes: "zzz.. the choice is: be happier after working out, or sleep in and feel like a slug, a well-rested slug, but still a slug. OK, 5 more minutes..."

Yes, dear reader, I know I have not updated this blog since May! I know you're dying to hear the latest training trials and tribulations. Sorry, just not much drama. But wait! There's this!! Headline: "5 killed in tragic hakama explosion!!" Well, the "5 killed" part is a lie, but my hakama did kind of explode last week. The back support popped out of its seam after my uke stepped on it. I have to find time to sew it up, or buy a new hakama, which with the current exchange rates, will cost 3 years' wages. I suppose I can fashion a hakama out of curtains--it will become the height of fashion. You read it here first.

Anyway, training continues.


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