Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pimsler Sensei Seminar

Another great day of practice at the dojo with lots of friends old and new, which means today is another great day of soreness and recovery. However, along with the physical soreness there is the post-seminar happiness that comes along with it.

One thing I found impressive was that we had a new student start THE DAY OF THE SEMINAR! Amanda is one of Mike's Aiki-jo students at Duke, so she wasn't completely new, but this was her first Aikido experience. I hope we didn't scare her off.

Hey, look! Mike has a blog!

Highlights: I always like working with "strangers". I was able to work with Crandall Sensei from the Raleigh dojo and several of his students. Pimsler Sensei gave us his perspective on Aikido--it was very useful to see how his style differs from other teachers, even among others from the NY Aikikai. Everyone brings something different to the table.

Lowlights: Unfortunately, one person took home a souvenir in the form of several stitches to the head. We really have to be careful when the mat is crowded. The good news is that he's OK.


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