Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Unnatural at 6:30 AM

I felt the need to workout this morning, at 5:50 AM. Dragged my ass out of bed and couldn't find my hakama (naturally). I made it to class on time and it was only Jim and me. That was cool, but there is something about hitting the mat that early.. the body just says: "What are you doing to me? Who signed me up for this?"

I always feel great after class, but after a few hours I'm about ready for a nap.

Today we went over some techniques Sensei taught last night (I wasn't in class, but fortunately Jim was). It was addressing the question of: "What if it doesn't work?" So you start with shomenuchi ikkyo, but you perhaps miss the elbow. Then it's a matter of reacting to the situation by flowing with the technique, seeing what is natural from where you are.

In general my Aikido is not spontaneous enough, a work in progress.


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