Monday, October 30, 2006

Late To Post, On Time To Class

I usually like to post here on the same day as class, but it seems I'm lagging a bit. Friday class... seems like long ago. Morotetori techniques (2 on 1 hand grab). We spent some time working from a static position, letting uke get the arm into an uncomfortable position before we started to move. This was to give us the feeling for how to work out of this disadvantage, as in "should you find yourself stuck in this position...", the problem being that many aikidoka are so used to working dynamically that if they should get the arm in a twist, they're stuck. Anyway, as we have been doing on Friday mornings, we paid a lot of attention to ki projection, collecting and drawing into the center, and then projecting outward. Good progress this morning was the feeling.

I had an interesting thought this morning: fear manifests as tension. When I realize this, I can conciously release some tension in my back and other places. It it ridiculous how much tension I carry throughout my day without noticing most of the time. It's only when it gets to the point of acid reflux that I always notice.


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