Monday, September 24, 2007

Seminar With Hal Lehrman Sensei

Another exceptional seminar weekend (OK, for some it was a weekend. For me it was a Saturday, but anyway..) I'm still recovering, of course, but it doesn't hurt too bad if I don't move. heh heh The takeaway: I'm learning to relax more into my techniques. This is a new development for me. Of course releasing tension has been a goal for quite a while, but only now am I feeling any success with it. Sure, there is still "habitual tension", but now and then I get it right.

When done correctly, Aikido should feel like you really aren't doing anything actively. You just happen to be in the position where the attack is neutralized. Ideally, an attacker doesn't realize anything has happened. They just happened to lose their balance and fell.

One thing Sensei mentioned is that it's great to practice good stance and posture, but at the advanced level there is no form. The point is to be aware of where every part of your body is, and also to be aware of where your partner is.

Hal has been practicing for 43 years, as long as I've been alive!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Alright Already...

Thanks to my 1 confirmed reader, "uchi deshi", I will actually get off my proverbial ass and start posting again.

I am still training, tis true! I am still as enthusiastic about Aikido as I have ever been, though it is always a struggle to fit it into my insane schedule.

To catch you up on .. everything, in June I (finally) tested for 3rd kyu. According to Charlie, I hold the dojo record for the most years of training to get to 3rd kyu. Yeah, when you take a break for 10 years that's easy to do.

In our dojo, we begin to wear hakama "skirt" when we reach 3rd kyu. Because of the summertime heat (plus the fact that I would have to actually learn to tie the thing), I put it off until a few weeks ago. I was surprised to find that it makes a difference in my technique! It lowers my center by a little bit and the flow of the hakama for some reason enhances the flow of the body.

Friday AM class today. Matt is testing for 4th in a couple weeks. Sensei had him demonstrate a few techniques. He was very nervous. I hope I have a chance to work with him before the test.

Hal Lehrman Sensei seminar next week! Come on down y'all!