Monday, January 16, 2006

Getting Started?

This weekend we did another video taping, the Saturday AM class. Matt
was doing the camera work, so I got to practice, but later the horrific
thought occurred to me that I may appear in the video. Taking stock of
the situation was enough to get me out running yesterday, because
frankly, my conditioning sucks! This month marks my first year back as
an aikido student after many years. I have made some progress with my
technique, but I have also faced the harsh reality of being 41 years old
and getting way too little exercise in general. There was also the ego
to deal with (there is always the ego to deal with). There are too many
facets of dealing with the ego to mention here--it's a book in itself, a
tragic/comedy/horror flick. Once I asked myself what the greatest
attainment from martial arts practice is. My answer is: self
acceptance. By this measure I have a ways to go.


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