Monday, September 26, 2005

Morphing Injury?

Made it to Friday AM class last week. Sensei had Charlie teach for the
second half of class, after leading us through some nice AM ki
exercises. I really like starting the morning like this, kinda slow, as
that's more natural (for me anyway) than starting with a lot of heavy
"flying about" ukemi. One thing Charlie had us do is go through some
techniques without holding onto an arm, where normally we would,
focusing on more subtle control of our partner using I guess what I
would call a "ki connection".

My left shoulder continues to be in a bit of pain on and off. After
warming up it generally doesn't hurt at all, so while I'm concerned,
it's not going to keep me from practicing (yet). I kind of dread the
thought of taking a break from training. One interesting thing that
happened is that after class I felt that the tension in my shoulder had
translated into pain in my neck, sort of moving up the kinetic chain. I
spent the weekend "self-adjusting" (pop!) my neck as a result.

We made it to Josh's party this weekend. His house is really awesome,
built by his parents with a personal touch. I was surprised not to see
more aikido folks there.


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