Friday, September 09, 2005

The Vibe

In many traditions there is the concept of direct transmission from
teacher to student, a type of learning that goes beyond anything like
book learning or verbal instruction. What gets transmitted is the inner
feeling of doing a technique, the underlying principle behind
everything. In aikido we are only 3 generations (depending on your
teacher) from the founder, who many consider one of the greatest martial
artists of all time. So, on a good day, if we are lucky and attentive,
we can receive the principles as transmitted from the big guy himself.

Today was a good day as 7AM classes go. I was well rested enough and
mentally present for class. It felt like a step forward.

A key comment from Jory today: I put forth too much effort in my
technique and I need to relax. The paradox of this is that it is most
visible when working with advanced students. When I'm most challenged
is when I am most likely to tense up.

Sarah and Dan were there this AM, both working toward their tests next week!

I'm still nursing my shoulder injury, but it is noticeably better today,
no doubt due to my attempt to not sleep on my left side. I was actually
debating whether I should keep practicing, or whether I should take a
couple of weeks off. I'm glad I stuck it out. The upside of being
injured is that I pay more attention to keeping myself safe--I don't try
anything too stupid.


Blogger HighPlainsDrifter said...

Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I enjoyed reading the aikido posts you made. Also enjoyed "test anxiety".

Anyway, if you feel like exchanging links, let me know.

Take Care

2:04 PM  
Blogger davido said...

Wow, my first real comment! I don't like to have much extra stuff in the margins (like links)--sort of a "Japanese simplicity" motif if you like. That plus I'm lazy, but by all means leave your URL here in the comments. It would make it easy for me to stop by every once in a while, and who knows, if I do get around to making a links page, I'll certainly add you.

BTW, feel free to visit us at Open Sky Aikido in Hillsborough anytime. We are hoping to do a video production sometime soon for local cable.

Best Regards,

5:17 PM  

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