Friday, August 19, 2005

Just Digging Deeper

I have been doing waaay too much "cubicle-waza". I am out of shape
again, conditioning wise. It seems I can handle classes toward the end
of the day--my energy is at least above "comatose" level, but when I
wake up a little after 6 and drag my ass to class at 7, having gotten to
bed at around midnight all week, I just can't fool my body into being on
top of my game. The other workout of sorts I have been getting this
week is pulling up the wet carpet padding in our basement, which is more
physically draining than invigorating.

Josh teaching today, yokomenuchi techniques, iriminage of course, and
others. Fortunately, he has some mercy and starts us off with just the
opening movements. Mike was there this AM, first I've seen him at this
hour. I think he has some of the best ukemi I have ever seen. Jory and
Jim also there. With Jim it seems we have the mutual understanding that
we aren't quite 20-something anymore. Actually everyone was pretty easy
on me today, but damn, I tired easily!

I might have to bag 7AM classes for a while. Maybe 8:30 AM Saturday
will be a more realistic hour, though I'm wincing at that possibility
too. Really what I need is to start running again.


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