Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Recovery Wednesday

Here at the office we call this "Mexican Wednesday", our weekly
excursion for Mex food. I could also call it "Recovery Wednesday",
being the day after my Tuesday evening classes. Not abnormally sore
today, but my arms are feeling the effects of jo practice.

A smallish class last night. In contrast to last week, mostly yudansha
were there. SteveL volunteered me as uke to demonstrate yokomenuchi
iriminage. I was not really warmed up yet, and my ukemi was a bit
clunky (clunkier than usual that is). I also noticed a tendency I have
to pause before attacking, as in: "Ready, go!" instead of just
immediately going for the target. This should be easy to fix. Also had
a good tip from Charlie on how to fall for iriminage--let my leg start
to go up as soon as nage makes contact. On many of these throws, the
"cool guys" seem to have their center of rotation somewhere around their
neck or upper chest region.

As you can tell from this post, I have decided to stop using initials
only to identify others--it just doesn't seem to matter as long as I'm
not giving out any real exciting information, Swiss bank account numbers
and such.


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