Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Recovery Day

Last night was the first time I have worked out 2 nights in a row. A
bonus! The usual soreness today, but all parts appear to be still

SB was visiting from up "nawth". I remembered him from the old days at
Valley Aikido. There are a few people I remember well from back then,
mostly other beginners I worked with a lot. For some reason I always
remember a joke told to me by a woman named Alysse. She was always one
to pass on a good pun (what constitutes "good" is an open question).

There was a hispanic woman who had twins. She named one of them Jose.
She named the other Hose-B.

Kokyudosa is this week's technique-o-death. Worked with SB and also
Sensei a bit. I was trying to move SB's elbows upward, but I was pretty
much out of gas. Everyone's technique is a little different, sometimes
a lot different. I tried to approach the technique as I learned the
night before with C, but nothing doing.

One feature of the last 2 classes has been Sensei throwing us all at the
end of class. Discussed this with R after class. We both want to be
thrown like the "big boys" (and girls), but it's pretty much the case
that we know enough to be dangerous, and we're stupid enough to injure
ourselves. I tried a high fall from shihonage and heard my shoulder
pop. Yep, that's probably not the way to do it!

This week marks the end of my first 6 months at the dojo. I'm getting
in better shape. The first couple weeks of class were pretty scary. A
few times my heart would start racing between techniques. At least I
seem to be past the phase where I could drop dead on the mat!


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