Friday, June 03, 2005

Just Keep Practicing

7AM class is interesting. I'm mostly mentally there, but sometimes a
bit slow. Generally being a morning person anyway, by the time I get to
the dojo I'm fairly energized.

Today we practiced shihonage among other things. Shihonage is one of
the most basic techniques and I generally have had the opinion that I
can "do" the technique. However, today Sensei demonstrated, solid
connection, centered. So I attempted to do the same. It felt like I
was way off, pretty much following the habitual way I do it (wrongly of
course). I can do it quickly and get away with all the slop, but going
through it slowly I realize I don't know what I'm doing.

Imagine the voice of Darth Vader booming: "Now you will experience my
technique of exceptional lameness!" It just doesn't sound right, but
that's where we begin. They don't show how many times Anakin stumbled
and dropped his light saber in training.

Fortunately, my reaction is just to want to practice more.


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