Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kyu Testing Tonight

Looks like I have secured spousal consent to attend testing tonight. I
might even workout if I can find a non-disgusting gi.

The ongoing dilemna from last night's class is how to take ukemi for
iriminage. When I first joined the dojo, C advised me not to take a
roll for iriminage, or rather, not to take the roll I have become
acustomed to taking. This is going to be one of those things I will
have to study, looking at others to see how they do it. As it is now, I
can generally take the fall somewhat gracefully, but only if I follow my
instinct and roll as it seems natural. When I try to do it the "right
way", it's not very pretty, and for me less safe. So.. for now I will
generally stick with the fall I can do safely and gradually move in the
direction of correctly.

Dr. D commented on my enthusiasm for our jo classes. I guess there are
two reasons for this: firstly, I feel my prior training comes in handy
here, especially in basics and kata. Also, and most importantly, my
weapons training up until now has been sketchy at best. This is the
first time I have made a committment to regular weapons practice, so
it's all new stuff for me.


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