Friday, July 29, 2005


Definition: Technique-o-Death refers to a technique done so poorly that
it could potentially cause death to anyone within a 2 mile radius.
Even gazing upon such a technique could mean instant death, possibly due
to uncontrollable laughter. (cue the "killer joke" Python sketch) It
can cause death by embarrassment to the practitioner if such a technique
is witnessed by Sensei. Such techniques are to be avoided!

So.. last night's ToD: shomenuchi kotogaeshi, or "wrist turn-out"
technique. This technique seems to show up in movies a lot, as it is
pretty basic and uke can fly across the mat if (s)he is thrown
properly. In this case, I was working with T last night, I felt too far
away from his center, I did not have control of him, and it just felt
crappy. What's worse, Sensei probably saw me do it. So that was
arguably the low point of practice. Fortunately, iriminage with M at
the end of class felt pretty good.

Interesting that there were no sempai in class last night of the
yudansha (black belt) variety. It's that vacation time of year. Other
than the ToD, a nice class. I have not been feeling 100% this week, so
I did not want to risk not making it to Friday 7AM class, or worse,
making it there partly asleep. My son C was nice enough to put up with
me dragging him along for the ride.


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