Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Too Many Words

When I get into "teaching mode" I seem to talk more than is necessary.
That's the impression I got from Sensei last night, though he did not
say it to me specifically. Few words are needed to teach what is really
vital. With words I can tell you where to put your foot and how to move
your hand, but I cannot really tell you the essence of the technique. I
can try, but it's a picture worth thousands of words--much easier just
to keep practicing.

I worked with Lucas last night, who is a beginner, on a variation of
iriminage (or is it kokyunage?). In hindsight, the best approach might
have been just to focus on the opening tenchin movement, drawing the
hands close to the hip, and then stop there.

The ongoing dilemna of how to fall for iriminage continues. I need to
take a step back and take an easy (easier) fall, not just turn my head
and try to take a high fall.


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