Friday, September 16, 2005


If I had to pick one technique that is central to aikido, it would be
iriminage, or "entering technique". Today we spent a good amount of
time working on this. I sometimes don't look forward to falling for
this technique at 7AM class. It's one of the more demanding (read:
exhausting) techniques and I sometimes don't know how I'm going to fall
for it, as it varies depending on how you are thrown. Anyway, we
practiced several variations from tsuki (punch) and I learned a new one
from Andy.

I'm trying to find a good video clip illustrating iriminage, but doh!
Tough to do. I did find a slew of "aikiblogs" over at!
I'll have to check them out. So um, anyone have any good links to video

I also had a good GET OFF THE LINE STUPID moment this morning.


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