Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Deadliest Technique

Last night was a nice class, redeeming from last Friday's AM class,
which had to be one of my most frustrating since I started again over a
year ago. Last Friday, we continued with the two-person 31-step jo
kata. I don't know about you, but my brain just doesn't want to think
about much at 7AM. I had trouble remembering the moves! Grrr. Well,
I'm about to go on break with jo in hand for a few reps of the 31-step
kata. I was thinking maybe I should try some ginkgo tea to stimulate
memory or something.

Anyway, on to last night. The high point was practicing kaitenage w/C.
The flow was there and I didn't get too winded, though after a few
minutes I'm thinking "OK, I'm getting tired... are we there yet? .. are
we there yet?" I also discovered my deadliest technique! At the end I
practiced kokyudosa with Max, a young guy around Cory's age. As Max
pushed me over the first time, the impact caused a "small explosion" of
gas. Were I working with an adult, this may have been politely
ignored. Max, however, was cracking up! I was glad I could provide
such fine entertainment, but young Max, you must beware lest I unleash
the full wrath of the gas attack upon you!!! None can withstand its powah!


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