Monday, August 28, 2006


I made it to Saturday class this weekend, but I was in a crappy mood. Sometimes I almost think I would rather spare people my "bad energy", but I always finish class in a better mood than when I started.

Randy is ready to test. Overhearing this on the mat, I get this mixed feeling of "hey, I want to test", but then "ugh, I don't want to test". I would like to be able to train more intensely to prepare for it if and when it happens, but life is a bit intense right now all around. Aikido is a way for me to relax now, and I don't really need more stress. I will have to talk to sensei about this.

I have enjoyed working with our new guy Jason (we actually have 2 new Jason's, go figure!). Beginners have modest expectations of me, as opposed to sempai who expect me to do things correctly. I guess they don't really expect perfection, but when I work with experienced people I demand more of myself and we do the "learning dance". I also feel I can be somewhat helpful to beginners, and they give me a feeling for what the "real world" feels like, since they are not conditioned to react to my technique in any particular way.

Anyway, we really worked on using the lower body, doing a katatetori kokyunage (tenkan and simple throw) using mostly the motion of the lower body. I really felt the thighs getting a workout.


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