Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Honored Visitor Day

This AM I had the opportunity to work with John, who is an old dojo member visiting from Hombu dojo--aka THE main dojo of Aikido for our style of Aikido. John pretty much rocks, and he has lots of tales from Japan about the various awesomeness that goes on there.

Considering the hour and my lack of adequate sleep (not quite 6 hours), I was surprisingly awake. We have been focusing on basic techniques, mainly because we have a new guy and a fairly new guy. Of course, in Aikido, even the most basic techniques can be interesting, exciting even, because you are always working to take your technique to the next level of subtlety, and if you aren't, well, I guess there are other perspectives, like teaching newer people, but within teaching there is the same principle.

Thought for the day, inspired by reading something about Vipassana meditation: how aware am I of my "molecules"? How much refinement is there in my awareness? ... and so on.


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