Thursday, June 22, 2006


It takes a while before you get to the "meat" of a technique, but I have had a couple of instances where I felt I made a leap of understanding lately.

First, I was fortunate to have a "private lesson" (by virtue of the fact that nobody else showed for 7AM class that Friday) with Jory, and I felt I got the feeling of ryotetori tenchinage (ura). I have a tendency to over-extend myself into these long stances, and generally I use way too much energy in my techniques. But for a few attempts that day, I was able to do the technique with a feeling of effortlessness, and not taking such a long stance on the throw. To paraphrase Jory, that feeling is in everything!

Last night I was able to observe how sensei does katatetori ikkyo ura. I have always felt like I'm pulling uke down, like I am out of position (I have been!). Last night I noticed how he enters and keeps the curvature of the arm applying the technique above uke's elbow. He almost keeps his forearm parallel to uke's upper arm. My approach has been to over-extend my arm, being more perpendicular to uke's arm.

On the inside, yesterday was a not-so-good day at work.
I just didn't feel productive. When I got to class I just wanted to hide.


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