Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Class with Josh this AM (me, Jason, Jim). Yokomenuchi is a diagonal strike to the neck, cutting downward toward the center. Josh showed us iriminage "California style", almost a static off-balancing that feels really awkward for the uke, because well, you're off-balance! How do you become off-balanced "with style"? Unhinged?

I was attacked by my inner space cadet today! My flow felt off for much of the class. I like to think that there is an allowance for it being 7AM in the friggin morning, so acting stupid is sort of par for the course. I was really wishing to be back in bed this morning to be honest, thinking "this will feel good when it's over". Pathetic really.

I still remember with nostalgia one of my first AM classes being uke for Andy, who was training for his shodan test. Jim was teaching that day and he was pretty merciless as far as the pace was concerned. Iriminage can be pretty brutal and I got winded pretty quickly.


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