Thursday, September 21, 2006


Years ago I took a few guitar courses with Robert Fripp. He has a thing for aphorisms. One that comes to mind now (paraphrased): we may not be equal in ability, but we may be equal in aspiration.

Sometimes I feel like I'm moving "backward" in my progress, as if I'm forgetting things I already know, or making new mistakes that I haven't made before. I had this feeling in last night's class--I screwed up basic movements that I already know well. I need to remember how I used to feel about my students when I am being harsh with myself.

I was glad to meet new beginners last night. New blood is the life of a dojo.

We also had an ukemi (falling) class with Mike. I am very glad to have this opportunity, as ukemi is Mike's specialty. Mike is also our editor for the upcoming (it's been upcoming for a year, but it's still upcoming) music video. I am reviving this project as a group social activity after class, hopefully at the Mex restaurant next door. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be doing it Weds evenings for now, which means I won't be going to Josh's class on Weds AM for a while.


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