Tuesday, March 08, 2005

On the Other Hand..

On some nights, I am the newbie! Things just don't work right sometimes. Tonight was a 'mixed' class. There are two basic flavors of classes: beginning, covering the basics of aikido, and mixed, covering more advanced techniques and principles.

I felt just plain goofy tonight, as I often do in the mixed classes. To make things even more fun, I lifted a toenail a bit and it started to bleed. Bleeding on the mat is not cool. I went to the bathroom to tape up my toe--it wasn't too bad, but I felt like a total clod. My sempai kindly suggested that I keep my nails cut shorter and that I check the mat for any bloody remnants.

On one technique, an iriminage (entering) throw, sensei was demonstrating the technique to me with me as uke (taking the fall) and I felt like I wasn't flowing with the energy at all. I have a long way to go. I am acquainted with almost all of the techniques, but I have a lot of beginnerisms. I'm turning 41 this week. I can't possibly be that old.


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